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Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones

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The customized double moving coil speakers, featuring four surrounding units, not only extends the bandwidth, but also reduces the distortion caused by the non-synchronous vibration, while ensuring a natural transition from strong bass to clear treble.

Bluetooth 5.0 boasts a higher data transfer rate, ensuring stability and greater device compatibility.

Built in magnets can help attach the two earphones together to keep them untangled and unknotted, providing you a hassle-free usage.

The stereo field enriches the fidelity and depth of sound reproduction and provides a sensational surround sound experience.


Technical Specifications

Model: F20

Bluetooth version:5.0

Wireless transmission distance: ≤10m

Battery capacity: 125mAh

Battery type: lithium-ion polymer battery

Music playtime: about 8.5 hours

Talk time: about 8.5 hours

Drive unit: ɸ8

Unit type: single-sided double moving coil

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