Mini Steezer Fat Wheel Electric Scooter
Mini Steezer Fat Wheel Electric Scooter
Mini Steezer Fat Wheel Electric Scooter
Mini Steezer Fat Wheel Electric Scooter
Mini Steezer Fat Wheel Electric Scooter

Mini Steezer Fat Wheel Electric Scooter

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Comfort and style

The FiiK Mini Steezer is meant for everyday commutes, but it has a different feel than the average scooter. The front suspension and the cushioned seat make for a very comfortable ride.


Are you looking for a way to get around that's fast, smooth, and easy? Want to avoid the traffic? Are you ready to go further and feel more comfortable on your ride? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we have the perfect product for you: The FiiK Mini Steezer! The Mini Steezer is an electric scooter with a 500w brushless hub motor, front suspension, and a detailed LCD display. The LCD display allows you to see your current speed, battery level, and distance traveled so that you can maximize enjoyment time. The front suspension offers a smooth ride that is gentle on your knees and back, which is important for longer rides.

What if you could zip around town without jumping into your car? What if you could avoid traffic jams and parking problems with a sleek, battery-powered scooter that fits perfectly in the trunk of your car or under your desk at work? What if you could go up to 30 km on a single charge and never have to wait in line for gas again? The Mini Steezer fat wheel electric scooter is the future of travel. This is the perfect way to get from A to B without dealing with traffic or parking, while also having an enjoyable journey. We designed the Mini Steezer to be smooth and easy to ride.


Do you want fast, fun, and convenient transportation? The Mini Steezer Fat Wheel Electric Scooter gives you the speed and efficiency of an electric scooter while also giving you the comfort of a fat-wheel cruiser. The Mini Steezer is the ultimate electric scooter — with a cool style and plenty of power! Enjoy smooth rides across town with a max speed of 25kmh. The Mini Steezer features fat tires with wide rims and is the most stable electric scooter you can find.
FiiK Mini Steezer Features:
 Mini Steezer Features

Up to 30km per charge / LED front and rear light / Size: 124*65*105cm / Ground clearance: 9cm / Net weight: 31kg / Battery: 48V10.4AH lithium battery / Charge time: 6 hours / Tyre: 10*6.00-5.5 / Motor: 500w Brushless Hub / Max Load: 120KG / Climbing: 15° / Max Speed: 25km/h
* Based on 70kg rider on smooth flat terrain traveling at 15km/h


* Different states and territories in Australia have a set of rules and regulations detailing guidelines for the usage of Electric Rideables (where an Electric Rideable can legally be used and if they need registration with the relevant road traffic authority). All users of these products must adhere to the by-laws and make sure that they use the product responsibly. Always wear a helmet, protective gear and ride with caution.

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