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Nothing Slides like a FiiK Drifter

Drifting is a unique outdoor activity and one of the most enjoyable experiences. The FiiK Drifter is the first of its kind, it is the only rear-wheel drive electric drift trike on the market. Thanks to the high torque brushless motors the drifter can drift Uphill, on flat ground, or downhill with no issues. If you are looking for a thrill ride that can deliver great drifts and addictive tricks, this is the electric drifter you want. With a top speed of up to 40km/h, you can expect a great amount of momentum to get your adrenalin going.



Built For Speed and Drifting

The 10x5-inch Go-kart wheels on the Fiik Electric Drifter are durable and can be fitted with drift sleeves which are specifically designed for drifting. Built from a full alloy frame, the FiiK Drifter is tough and won’t let you down. The hybrid front brake gives you unbelievable control - ideal for the drifting experience. New users and experienced riders say It is easy to get used to riding the Drifter.




Key Features

The FiiK Electric Drifter includes an LCD control panel that can easily be viewed and accessed by the rider. Charge up the Lithium batteries and ride to up to 15-45 minutes after a single full charge of this electric drift bike.

50.4V 12.5Ah Lithium Battery
Colour LCD Control Panel
Hybrid Front Disc Brake
2 High Torque Brushless Motors 
10x5 inch GoKart Wheels 
Purpose built Drift Sleeves
Full Alloy Frame
Semi Integrated Headset
Dimensions: 150l x 85h x 95w (cm)
Weight: 35kg

Some assembly required


Drifter Assembly Video 

* Different states and territories in Australia have a set of rules and regulations detailing guidelines for the usage of Electric Rideables (where an Electric Rideable can legally be used and if they need registration with the relevant road traffic authority). All users of these products must adhere to the by-laws and make sure that they use the product responsibly. Always wear a helmet, protective gear and ride with caution.

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